Accountants In London

Located along one of the UK’s most famous roads, Taylorcocks’ Baker Street office in London serves a large proportion of the Taylorcocks client base and firmly puts Taylorcocks on the map as one of the major accountancy firms in London.


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  • Paul Overall
    Paul Overall Partner

    Paul is an ACA Chartered Accountant and became a Partner in 2016 and continues to head up the Thames Valley and London offices.

  • Ian Hewitt
    Ian Hewitt Partner

    Ian Hewitt is a Client Relationship Partner and heads up the Thames Valley office.

  • Miles Auckland
    Miles Auckland Partner

    Miles Auckland is a Partner, heading up the accounts teams at our Farnham and London offices.

  • Simon Howell
    Simon Howell Partner

    Simon is a Partner and works from our London and Farnham offices.